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Roofing services for verandahs in South Australia and Queensland

For quality roofing solutions for verandahs, carports, garages and sheds, contact Advanced Roof Systems for competitive prices on a range of professional roofing services and products. We provide roofing for all types of properties and structures, and can ensure the highest standard of service every time. We also supply a range of roofing materials, so whatever type of roof you want, we can install it. From quality timber to aluminium and more, Advanced Roof Systems can replace, repair or install resilient roofing for everything you need. Call us today for more details about our reliable services and long-lasting products.
Bullnose verandahs Bullnose roofing is a traditional Australian verandah design that finishes off a home beautifully and adds great aesthetic value. Bullnose roofing is widely used in regional areas and is also found in Australian capital cities on terrace houses and is still seen extensively throughout inner city suburbs.   Bullnose verandahs are attached directly to the exterior of your home and generally run along the length of the house. They can be built at the time the house is built, or added on later. The width of the bullnose verandah is only limited by the room that you have available, and can come as wide as five and a half metres or as slim as just over one metre.   The traditional cover for a bullnose verandah is curved iron and can come in a wide range of colors to suit your home’s other features. A colorbond verandah roof can freshen up older properties, giving them a new lease on life for a low investment.   A bullnose verandah has excellent cooling properties. In times past, instead of air-conditioners, homes were built with a bullnose verandah all the way around to keep the heat out. Even putting a bullnose verandah on one side of your home will have immediate benefits to the interior temperature of the rooms behind it and will save you money on air-conditioning costs. With electricity prices set to rise, a bullnose verandah is a much more sustainable option.   Finish your bullnose verandah off with decorative timber components Nothing finishes a bullnose verandah off like decorative timber brackets at the corner of the verandah posts. Similarly, installing frieze or balustrading.

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