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Don’t spend good money after bad

If you own or manage a commercial property, you will no doubt have had to pay more than once to have a program repaired. The roof can be a major headache, from tenants failing to notify of roof leaks to inexperienced or poor quality tradesmen only doing temporary and inadequate repairs.


A commercial property has many differences to a domestic dwelling; it not only differs in size and purpose, but can also differ in design and construction. Commercial roofs are often quite large, can span over several occupancies, and are home to air conditioning and other common plant. Maintaining the roof is an important and often overlooked part of building maintenance.


Commercial roofs face some unique problems due to their low roof pitches, multiple penetrations and concealed box gutters. These require special and expert attention to ensure a weatherproof building and happy occupants.

Common issues include:

  • Rusty roof sheets and leaks
  • Leaking box gutters and sumps
  • Leaking and poorly sealed penetrations
  • Damaged asbestos roof sheeting
  • Brittle and cracked fibreglass skylight sheeting
  • Poorly designed and/or installed roof flashings
  • Inadequate size or drainage to box gutters
  • Incorrect choice of roof profiles or material
From full roof replacements to box gutter repairs and maintenance, Advanced Roof Systems can help identify your problem and recommend the best, most cost-effective solution.

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