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Home & Building owners are becoming more and more aware of the products we have available now to insulate our roofs and walls. While there is a lot of Practical and environmental reasons to reduce your energy consumption and decrease greenhouse emissions, the benefit of having better comfort levels and less reliance on Air-conditioning will go hand in hand with the reduction of your Electricity Bills. Roof insulation allows your home to stay cooler during summer months and warmer during the winter. It also offers health benefits to your family by minimizing damp conditions and mold. The team at Advanced Roof Systems offer high quality insulation products and installation services for all types of Residential & Commercial properties. While most insulation is beneficial, you can over insulate and get diminishing returns on your investment, so it is important to get the right Insulation correct for your Roof design that will deliver you thr best result all year round and the value for Money. Most Insulation pays for itself over only a few short years.

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Insulation offers a number of benefits including:
  • Provides Thermal Protection to give you a more comfortable Home all year round
  • Reduces the Noise of Rain and aircraft
  • Prevents Condensation forming under the metal roof
  • Reduces dust that can blow into the ceiling space.
  • Complies with Requirements in Bush Fire zones, retards the spread if flames in the event of a roof fire.
  • Decreases greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces your energy consumption
  • Enhances your savings on electricity bills
  • Gives your home a comfortable atmosphere
  • Minimizes your reliance on your home’s cooling and heating units
  • Non allergen
  • Comes with a Bradfords Lifetime Warranty

Different Types

In Australia, there are various types of insulation products available. However, when choosing on the best type for your home, it is best to consult a highly qualified contractor to help you make an informed decision. Generally, there are two primary types of insulation:
  • Bulk Insulation
  • Reflective Insulation
roof insulation inner layer
1. Bulk Insulation This protects your home by regulating temperature control. In most cases, bulk insulation is advisable for homes that are situated in cooler areas. It is available as boards, rolls and batts. You can also choose from different types of materials for bulk insulation such as recycled paper, natural wool, rockwool, glass wool and polyester. 2. Reflective Insulation This type of insulation is recommended for homes that are frequently exposed to warm climates such as Mid North of South Australia & South East Queensland. It deflects radiant heat, so your home stays cooler during the summer. Among the different materials used in reflective insulation are concertina-style foil and foil sheets that are laminated onto paper-based material. An air space of about 25 mm is necessary to reflect heat from foil insulation. When it comes to choosing the best type of insulation for your home, various factors are taken into consideration such as your home’s design, its orientation to north, and the typical climate in your area.

What Are R-Values?

Insulation products are rated based on their R-Value, which defines their thermal resistance of ability to inhibit heat transfer. Higher R-values mean the product offers a more efficient level of insulation. The R-value is usually measured based on the upward or downward direction of heat flow. Winter R-values refer to the product’s resistance to heat flow directed upwards while summer R-values pertain to the thermal resistance to heat flow downwards. Based on studies, foil-insulated materials have a higher down R-value. These are commonly recommended for roofs and ceilings of homes located in areas with humid climates.

Roof Insulation Facts

Without insulation, your home can lose as much as 45 percent of cooling and heating energy, and this translates to a higher energy consumption. Thus, you should consider having certain areas in your home insulated such as your veranda roof and garages. Insulation can greatly improve not only the space within these areas, but also the overall condition and temperature inside your home. When it comes to product selection, you can choose from various R-values depending on your preference. However, R 3.5 products or even higher values are usually recommended to give you the finest performance in your roof. In Australia, the highest R-value product available is the R 6.0.

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We take pride in our team and every member has undergone stringent training to equip them with essential skills and knowledge in effective and safe installation of insulation products. We also offer a comprehensive warranty with extensive coverage on our products, which can ensure you superior quality.

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