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Asbestos removal from South Australia and Queensland’s re-roofing team


Play it safe

When you need to have asbestos removed from your building’s roof or walls, or even loose asbestos sheets around your home or workplace, the rule is: play it safe. The health dangers of working with this material are well known, and can lead to problems in later life, so it’s important to call in the experts for all asbestos removal work. Workplace Services SA requires workers removing asbestos to hold an appropriate licence, or to be trained according to set guidelines, so you should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself. Advanced Roof Systems specialises in the safe removal of asbestos and is fully licensed and certified to perform this work for our residential and commercial customers. All of our staff who carry out this delicate process subsequently carry the appropriate class of asbestos removal licenses.

What’s involved during the asbestos removal process:

  • The asbestos sheets are removed carefully to prevent breakage and dust generation.
  • For removal from roofing, sheets are lowered carefully to the ground by hand or a mechanical lift.
  • Special industrial vacuum cleaners designed for asbestos removal are used to clean ceilings and walls after completion.
  • Monitors that measure the air while the removal is being undertaken are set up around the area. Once the work is complete, the filters from the monitors are read under a special high-resolution machine that will reveal if any fibres have been made airborne.
  • Once removed, the asbestos sheets are stacked and wrapped in black plastic into a truck, or placed in a lined skip bin, then taken away promptly by licensed asbestos transporters.
  • Any rubbish involved in the removal is taken away from the property.
  • A final clearance inspection report is provided, if required.

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