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Quality tile conversion services in South Australia and Queensland

Are you tired of the ongoing cost of maintenance to your old tiled roof? Does your roof leak or is it sagging due to the weight and age? Or do you want to modernise your house, add value to your house and increase the insulation rating and energy efficiency of your roof? It’s time to upgrade to a modern day metal roof. Advanced Roof Systems specialises in tile to metal conversions and have developed a streamlined system that delivers the best overall package from changing your old tile roof to a new Colorbond┬« or Zincalume┬« Roof. Our process includes a complete package from start to finish, allowing where required to submit the development to council (some councils require approval). To ensure new roof purlins are installed and roof tie downs are fitted if the roof has not previously been tied down (tie downs are required when changing from tiles to metal as the weight is reduced by approximately 90%). We also put down plywood sheets to cover drive ways if bins are used to house the tiles during the removal process. In some cases we can recycle the tiles. Take advantage of the current range of roofing blanket insulation that will have a noticeable effect on keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulation also reduces the noise of heavy rain on the metal roof and protect the ceiling space from excess dust and debris that can make it’s way into the ceiling space.


  • Eliminate roof leaks.
  • Minimise required maintenance,
  • No painting required with a Warranty of up to 36 Years.
  • Modernise and increase street appeal
  • Add Value to your home.
  • Ability to Upgrade the Insulation Rating of your home.
  • Provide security, a deterrent to intruders.
  • Heavily reduce the stress of roof weight on your home



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