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Advanced Roof Systems has a range of policies in place with regards to health and safety in the workplace, as well as for professional conduct and ongoing development. We’re committed to providing quality roofing services to all our customers and continually update our skills and knowledge to ensure the most effective results. We also adhere to the official Occupational Health and Safety guideline at all times, for your peace of mind, and always strive to deliver services that are professional and competent for your complete satisfaction.

OHS Programs  

In order to implement the general provisions of this policy, health and safety programs and procedures will be identified and developed in consultation with employees of Advanced Roof Systems Pty Ltd. The programs will be monitored, evaluated and reviewed where required and systematically updated to show continuous improvement of the Health and Safety Management System. This policy will be reviewed by the employer representative and employee representative every two years or sooner if required.

– Marshall Stirling, Managing Director


ADVANCED ROOF SYSTEMS PTY LTD has an approved safety management system in place making it fully compliant with the current Occupational Health and Safety legislation and regulations. We have a full-time OHS & Quality Assurance Manager who is responsible for the implementation and supervision of Advanced Roof System’s safety management plan, quality assurance system and environmental management system.

At Advanced Roof Systems, safety management starts long before we arrive on your site. After the initial inspection, Advanced Roof System formulates a Site Specific Management Plan (as necessary) and a Site Specific Safe Work Method Statement – this ensures that all that all the risks associated with your particular job are examined and methods are formulated to minimize and remove these risks for this roofing company.

Advanced Roof System’s safety management system gives a high priority to staff training – a clear and precise procedure manual has been published and all staff is formally trained in these procedures before granted access to the work site. The procedure manual, check sheet and staff training are regularly updated to include new machinery, techniques and the lasted developments.


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Safety policy

The Directors and Responsible persons in the company undertake to provide a safe work environment for all employees, contractors and visitors.

The principle operation of Advanced Roof Systems is Building, Roofing, Asbestos Removal, Height Safety and Facilities Maintenance. Advanced Roof Systems is absolutely committed to the

Health, Safety and Welfare (OHS) of all their employees. This OHS commitment includes all

Advanced Roof System’s employees, the public, sub-contractors visitors and or any interested parties.

We believe a workplace free from accidents or incidents is realistic and achievable through a 100% systematic approach by all persons. Advanced Roof Systems actively seek to prevent injury and illness through provision of a safe and healthy work environment.


To achieve these objectives the following will be implemented:

1. Systematic Identification of hazards, the analysis and evaluation of risks, the implementation of treatments, review and an ongoing monitoring of processes.

2. Recording, Reporting and Investigating all serious accidents or incidents within a timeframe required under the legislation.

3. Provide employees and any interested party with a clear understanding of their responsibilities to assist in the achievement of the OHS Policy objectives and targets.

4. Sharing any relevant OHS Information and seeking the opinion of all interested parties when making decisions that may affect the health, safety or welfare of any person.

5. Facilitate Inductions and Training and ensure education programs are carried out by suitably qualified educational authorities. Implemented and communicate safe systems in accordance with the AS4801.

6. Comply with all relevant statutory OHS Legislation at a minimum. Develop Emergency

Preparedness for all hazardous processes, including reporting catastrophes promptly and assisting in making recommendations for remedial action to the relevant authority.

To achieve the objectives and targets, continual improvement and consultation will take place with all persons associated with Advanced Roof Systems.

All Employees must realise they have a responsibility to actively promote safety in the workplace by adhering to the safety policy. All management accepts the responsibility for the health and safety of persons under their control.

– Marshall Stirling, Managing Director

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